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We’ve all heard the phrase “It takes a village”, and this is even truer now.  With ever increasing demands on our education system, a globalized economy with increasing field specialization, and dwindling resources we need a village network to ensure the future success of our children.

A dynamic education system must consider everything from A to Z, or in this case N! (Nutrition) French fries, sugary desserts, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, and other cafeteria staples are filling kids with food that actually lower their brain power before sending them back to class. And studies have shown that “Healthy Schools” across the country report lower incidences of dropouts, expulsions, drug use, weapons, and fighting, with a simultaneous rise in student performance, as grades have also improved and gone up at these schools. 

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Our democracy and the health of our communities depends upon a participatory citizenry.  Today, each newly sworn citizen must pass an exam that, sadly, many daily Americans would fail miserably.  Education should go beyond the basics of reading, writing, and math.  We need to prepare our children to be responsible citizens and become the leaders of tomorrow.

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While we live in a land of plenty there are still too many children struggling to learn on an empty stomach.  Children with insufficient diets are reported to have more problems with health, academic learning, and psychosocial behavior.  As a community, we can do better to make sure no child in Malden is left hungry.

The Parent Teacher Association, PTO, strengthens, and enhances the academic and social environment of our schools.  Having an involved parent improves the overall education and future success of a child, regardless of where they’re from or their income level.  The collaboration of teachers and parents provide additional opportunities for students to learn, communicate, and grow!

Inevitable is the march of time. And our children will be the next great leaders and thinkers of this country, but what about the laundry? With stats like 30% of college kids who can’t boil an egg, 52% of teens who are unable to change a tire, or 70% of young people who don’t know how to sew a button, we are definitely in trouble!  We need classes for leadership, mentoring, and adulting alike.

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