Nichole with her dad, Edward Jarvis.

Nichole and Mohanad celebrating their wedding.

Nichole's grandparents, Mary Salamoni and Domenico Catalano.


About Nichole Mossalam


Nichole Mossalam is first and foremost a proud mother of three beautiful children that are already in or will be in the Malden school system.  She is an activist, super mom who never forgot where she came from.

Growing up in San Bernardino, CA, her family struggled with issues of domestic violence, homelessness, food insecurity, and drug addiction.

Despite working long hours, her mother would make the time to help with homework, help with school projects, and attend every performance.  She knew that any investment in her children’s education was an investment in their future.

Now, Nichole has enjoyed many professional and personal opportunities in life she would not otherwise have had without education.  She was accepted at the University of Utah, where she studied Middle East Studies and Political Science with minors in International Relations and Cultural Anthropology with plans to finish once her children are older.  Upon becoming a mother, she chose to put motherhood first. Education and experience paved the way for her to break the cycle of poverty and become a community leader with hope for her children’s future.

Before moving to Malden, Nichole was a founding board member of the nonprofit United in Service to Humanity.  Since living in Malden, she served as the Islamic Society of Boston's Executive Director where she built dynamic community relationships in the interfaith community, local government, and law enforcement.  As a result of this work, she was invited to the White House.

For the past four years, her family has been growing and laying down roots in Malden.  She has worked tirelessly as a community activist and now works as the Administrative Director at the Malden Islamic Center.  Nichole also serves as an advisory board member of CAIR-MA and is the Executive Director of the New England Islamic Speaker's Bureau.

As our families and children struggle with a starvation economy, crumbling infrastructure, and the unfolding opioid epidemic, Nichole realizes that an engaging education is critical for our future.  With dwindling resources and more attacks on our public schools coming from a hostile administration, Nichole is ready to stand on the front lines and fight to protect our schools.  Through life experience, she knows that education is the best vehicle to a better life for ALL.

She will put Malden families first!


Nichole with her mom, Tina Catalano.

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Nichole and her two sisters, Lisa Swisher and Anna Swisher.